TMF is a modelling and forecasting software developed for professional use as a tool of transport infrastructure planning and monitoring.
Registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases (registration number 4411 dated 16.04.2018 ( State Registration Certificate No. 2018610288 dated 09.01.2018.
Holistic approach: a unique module combination
TMF a one-stop shop for economic and transport data analysis.
Simplicity and openness
TMF is designed to work for clients taking strategic and not just technical decisions.
Analytical support
TMF's business model - software plus consultancy services.
Saving time for data collection and preparation
The routine operations of collecting and integrating data from multiple sources, as well as adjusting models, are carried out by IEC Team.
Cloud version: cheaper and easier
No need for in-house servers, technical support and long staff training.
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